Infant Sleep Education



As a new parent, the learning curve is steep.

How do you foster healthy sleep habits and ensure your child feels supported?

I’m here to help.

This includes:

  • a comprehensive intake analysis to get to know your family and your needs
  • a 60 minute sleep education call to discuss: sleep environment; infant feeding; nap schedules and best practices; emotional wellness; sleep science as it relates to ‘normal’ infant sleep at various stages; and the elements necessary for good sleep hygiene. This education will be tailored to meet the needs of your unique family and baby.
  • A written summary of the sleep education, including recommendations for next steps.
  • A choice of:
    • one week of email support (M-F) following the sleep education call to answer any additional questions you may have
    • One 30 minute follow up call to be scheduled anytime in the two weeks following the sleep education call
  • Free access to the “Responsive Parenting for Sleep and Beyond” E Course ($95 value)

This package is best for families with infants 0-9 months who want to ensure they have the tools to respond appropriately to their child’s sleep needs.