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Why Choose the Sleep Essentials Package?

This package is perfect for families with broad questions about infant and child sleep, common sleep challenges, or general queries about adjusting sleep schedules. It’s an excellent first step if you’re trying to improve your child’s sleep with the guidance of an expert.

How It Works

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  2. Receive Your Code: Within 24 business hours, you’ll receive a unique discount code to access your course.
  3. Book Your Support Session: Schedule your 1-hour Zoom call at your convenience, either before or after starting the course.

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Course + Hourly Sleep Support Session

Transform Your Nights with Our Sleep Essentials Package
Get the Rest You and Your Family Deserve

Are you tired of resenting nap time, waking up sore and stiff after sleepless nights, or feeling burned out from endless wake-ups? The Sleep Essentials Package is here to help you transform those sleepless nights into quality, restful, sleep for both you and your child.

What’s Included in the Sleep Essentials Package?

Sleep Essentials Course: This comprehensive, expert-led course is the only guide you will need to understand and improve your baby’s sleep. This course covers everything you need to know about baby sleep, from routines to dealing with sleep regressions. It’s designed to help you improve your baby’s sleep without any complicated methods or guilt. 1-Hour Bespoke Sleep Support: After enrolling in the course, you’ll have a one-on-one 1-hour Zoom session with our holistic sleep coach, Cayla Solomon. During this session, we’ll review your child’s sleep patterns, answer any questions, and create a tailored plan to improve sleep.

Course Highlights

  • Routines, Schedules & Normal Infant Sleep Patterns
  • All About Swaddling
  • Habits, Sleep Associations & Transferring a Sleeping Baby
  • All About Naps
  • Sleep Progressions
  • Night Weaning
  • Sleep Space Transitions (how to transition your child from your bed to theirs)
  • Time Change: Travel & Daylight Savings
  • Parental Mental Health
  • Sleep Solutions to Reclaim Your Energy with Cayla Solomon and Allegra Gast, RDN, IBCLC Sleeping Solo: Solutions to Transform Contact to Independent Sleep with Cayla Solomon and Stephanie de Graaf of Oka Baby