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About Cayla

As a mother of three young children, I understand the challenges that sleep can sometimes present for kids and their parents. I also understand the immense pressure parents often feel to sleep train.

The sleep training industry doesn’t want you to know this, but parents don’t have to choose between cry it out, or wait it out! There is a middle ground, and I am here to help.

While working together, parents will learn to focus on their baby’s cues, and to better trust their instincts. My goal is to help parents find sleep solutions through responsive parenting practices, while building connected relationships. I never utilize extinction or separation-based techniques to get children to sleep.

I dedicate my professional life to helping families strengthen the familial relationship while educating parents on how to get the best sleep possible without resorting to sleep training.

My professional credential include:

I’m a mom to my 3 kids aged 8, 6, and 4, and have been married to my husband, Jay, for 12 years. You may know me as @OfficialSleepingBeauties on social media. 

Have questions about my approach or working together? Reach out anytime at [email protected] !

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