Happy International Middle Child’s Day

Today is International Middle Child’s Day!

My husband and I are both the first born in our families, so I didn’t really understand the struggles of the middle child… until I had three kids myself.

I now see the shift in dynamic when there are three, and I am ever-cognizant of the need to ensure that my kids each get equal love, support and time.


I think the idea of middle child syndrome comes from the child feeling forgotten – and this is directly tied to a child’s attachment needs not being met.

Though entirely unintentional, having multiple children requires a difficult balancing act. And, even the best-intentioned parents are only human… and imperfect!

As you know, in my work with families, I am a big proponent of supporting a child’s attachment needs – not just at nighttime, but during the day too. Recognizing the potential for a middle child to feel lost or left out often helps to mitigate to potential issues – including night wakings – whereby a child seeks greater closeness and connection.


So this post goes out to all the middle children out there!

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