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5 Tips to Improve Your Sleep as a Parent

Let’s face it: sleep as a parent is limited, regardless of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ your kids sleep. Maximizing the amount of sleep – and more importantly, the quality – we’re getting as parents is crucial to being better equipped to handle interrupted sleep, and to be more intentional about the nighttime parenting choices we are making with our children. Improve your sleep with these 5 helpful tips.

How Temperament can Influence Sleep Needs

a person laying in bed, getting better sleep based on their unique temperament

Not all sleep needs are created equal: temperament can significantly affect your sleep, and sleep trainers have been misusing the research for years. Here’s what you need to know.

Why millennial parents are embracing gentle parenting

As millennials have become experienced parents, there has been a clear shift towards a more gentle, respectful approach to parenting that prioritizes attachment and connection. This shift is not only rooted in a desire to do better than previous generations, but also in a growing body of research that supports the benefits of responsive parenting

Building the Perfect Bedtime Routine

Parents often feel confused by all of the information available on what they should – or shouldn’t – be doing to prepare their baby or toddler for sleep. Learn some of my favourite tips to making bedtime a smoother experience for everyone, without any sleep training

What to do when your baby hates the crib

Crib sleep is a western construct, and isn’t a necessary part of a child’s sleep journey. If the crib isn’t working for your family, consider another safe alternative that allows your child to feel comfortable going to sleep.

Is feeding to sleep a bad habit?

Any parent who has googled baby sleep has surely come across the suggestion that feeding to sleep is a bad habit, a crutch, a negative association that should be avoided at all costs. As an attachment focused sleep and parent coach, I routinely support my clients to improve their family’s sleep situation while respecting the biological norm of feeding to sleep.