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Transforming Contact to Independent Sleep

Making changes through responsiveness

You may be feeling trapped by your baby’s sleep schedule, missing out on meals, showers, and downtime because your baby isn’t able to sleep solo. You know you don’t want to sleep train and are looking for solutions that allow you to respect your baby’s need for attachment. But, you’re yearning for some hands-free time and are looking for solutions to change up your baby’s sleep routine. 

If that sounds like you, you're in good hands.

In this 35+ page workbook, you’ll learn:


What age is this workbook for?

The solutions in this workbook will be appropriate for a variety of ages and stages. While all of the content can be applied at any age, you’ll find the most success from 6+ months. If you have a toddler, you may find it helpful to follow this guide up with the Responsive Parenting for Sleep and Beyond course.

How quickly can I expect to see success?

It depends on your child! Temperament plays a huge role in how adaptable each child is. Easy going babies tend to fly through changes more easily than more sensitive kids, who need a slow and steady approach. The tools provided in the workbook can be applied at any pace for any personality type.

Is there any time where I have to leave my child alone to cry?
Absolutely NEVER. I am vehemently against any form of separation based training, and every tip involves you supporting your child in whatever way you feel they need it most. YOU are the expert on your baby and I want you to feel confident in trusting your instincts to support them.
Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately due to the nature of downloads and online content, no refunds are allowed. If you’re struggling to implement any of the solutions, please reach out at [email protected] and we can chat about how I can support you.

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