The Original LUCKY IRON FISH ® Cooking Tool Adds Iron to Food. Vegan Iron Reusable for 5 Years. Ideal for Pregnant Women or Menstruating Women, Athletes and Children. Alternative to Iron Supplement

$55.00 CAD


  • AS EASY AS 1-2-3: Simply add to boiling liquid for 10 minutes and enjoy your iron-fortified food or drink! Rigorously researched and carefully designed, the unique size, shape and surface area of the Lucky Iron Fish are designed to release 6-8 mg of absorbable iron when used as directed. Ideal for athletes, vegetarians, pregnant women, new moms, adolescent kids, and children. Pair with our Lucky Iron Protection Oil to prolong the life of your new iron fortification cooking tool.
  • HOW CAN THE LUCKY IRON FISH HELP ME AND MY FAMILY: Struggling with your children to take iron supplements like traditional liquid iron, iron pills, kids iron gummies or iron capsules because of bad taste and constipation? The Lucky Iron Fish has no constipation or metallic taste side effects. With a clinically higher rate of absorption than traditional non heme iron supplements, it is safe for the whole family including pregnant women, menstruating women, children, vegans and athletes.
  • WHY USE LUCKY IRON FISH INSTEAD OF OTHER ALTERNATIVES: It is Certified Vegan, Kosher, Halal, and non-GMO. The Lucky Iron Fish is made from food-grade, high purity iron powder, no preservatives, no additives, and is 100% natural. Unlike other iron supplements and slow release pills, you only purchase Lucky Iron Fish once and it will benefit the whole family for ~2,000 uses.
  • SOCIAL IMPACT: “Help us put a Fish in every pot”. For each purchase, we donate a portion of the sales to our impact fund, which is used to help undernourished communities locally and internationally. We work closely with international organizations to help pregnant women, new moms, & young children improve their health.
  • BOOST YOUR IRON NATURALLY: The Lucky Iron Fish is a clinically proven cooking tool that helps increase circulating iron levels and iron stores. It is a non-constipating natural alternative to traditional iron supplements. Clinically proven to release absorbable vegan iron and is safe for the whole family. Reusable for 5 years, this innovative product is a cost-effective alternative for iron deficiency anemia.


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