Personal Coaching Retainer

$1,500.00 CAD


This package is for families who have previously purchased the newborn or comprehensive package, and would like to have ongoing personal coaching support up to your child’s 4th birthday. This is perfect for families who travel often and need assistance for travel related sleep concerns; to review and support you through developmental leaps and sleep progressions; and, for families who wish to have ongoing support around breastfeeding, introduction of a new sibling, or other life changes that may impact sleep.

This package includes:

  • Up to two emails or one 20 minute call per month from the time of purchase until the child’s 4th birthday
  • Up to two additional 30 minute calls per year, until the child’s 4th birthday


* Note that this is an add-on that can only be purchased in conjunction with a previous package.

*Unused calls or emails do not carry over month to month or year to year.