Basic Sleep Coaching

As a new parent, the learning curve is steep.

How do you foster healthy sleep habits and ensure your child feels supported?

I’m here to help.

Basic Sleep Coaching is all you need to get things on the right track if your baby is under 9 months of age, when it is still normal for sleep to be interrupted. Basic Sleep Coaching will help to ensure you have the tools necessary to understand, and to respond appropriately to, your child’s sleep needs, without ever leaving your child alone to cry.

Basic Sleep Coaching includes:

  • A basic intake form to understand your child’s sleep and feeding patterns
  • A 60 minute sleep education call to discuss: sleep environment; infant feeding; nap schedules and best practices; emotional wellness; sleep science as it relates to ‘normal’ infant sleep at various stages; and the elements necessary for good sleep hygiene. This education will be tailored to meet the needs of your unique family and baby.
  • A written summary of the sleep education, including recommendations for next steps.
  • One 30 minute follow up call to be scheduled anytime in the two weeks following the sleep education call.


Comprehensive Sleep Coaching is recommended for children over 9 months of age. If your child is over 9 months, and you are facing minimal sleep challenges that do not require comprehensive or ongoing support, Basic Sleep Coaching can be customized for your family. If you are unsure of which service best meets your needs, book a free discovery call.

$329.00 CAD