Comprehensive Sleep Consultation & Personal Coaching

$595.00 CAD


Are you struggling with elements of your child’s sleep, and want to get more sleep for you and your family without the use of any sleep training?

Every family is unique and no two families have the same goals. Keep the elements of your sleep routines that you love, and I will support you through making changes to the pieces that are no longer working. I always support bedsharing, if you choose to do so, and breastfeeding.

This package includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of a personal intake, including 3 days of sleep, activity, and food logs
  • A 60 minute sleep education virtual session – this includes discussions around ‘normal’, age appropriate sleep and foundations to set you up for success. A customized, and co-created sleep plan tailored to your personal goals, and a written summary of the call with next steps is included.
  • 1 week of sleep foundations work prior to the implementation of a sleep plan
  • 4 weeks of personal coaching in the form of 20-30 minute check-in calls once per week
  • Free access to the “Responsive Parenting for Sleep and Beyond” E Course ($95 value)


This package is right for you if your child is 9 months or older, including toddlers and school-aged children. If your baby is between 7 and 9 months, and has transitioned to 2 naps, this package can be customized for your child’s needs. If your baby is under 9 months, the infant sleep education may be a better fit.

If you have twins, or a sibling of another age who you would like to work with simultaneously, please email regarding a customized package.

While I do my best to respond to emails in a timely matter, please note that this package does not include email support.