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Sleep Essentials

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This self paced e-course covers a wide range of some of the most common sleep questions.

The course is divided into 10 video modules, as follows:

  1. Routines, Schedules & Normal Infant Sleep Patterns
    • Gain an understanding of what is normal when it comes to infant sleep, and why establishing routines can be helpful. I also walk you through identifying the right schedule for you and your unique baby.
  2. All About Swaddling
    • In this video, you will learn more about why the recommendations on swaddling have recently changed, some reasons that I do not recommend swaddling, and what you can do instead.
  3. Habits, Sleep Associations & Transferring a Sleeping Baby
    • There is no such thing as negative sleep habits – I’ll teach you about the benefits of having a variety of sleep associations, and how to transfer a sleeping baby without waking them.
  4. All About Naps
    • Figuring out the right schedule for daytime sleep can be critical – both because it can impact nighttime sleep, and because every parent needs a break during the day to recharge. Learn all about how to help your child make nap transitions and how to find the right schedule based on your child’s age and sleep needs.
  5. Sleep Progressions
    • In this video, I discuss why I call them ‘progressions’ and not regressions, and how to identify a progression and support your child through it. You will learn about all of the common sleep progressions, when to expect them, and how to cope.
  6. Night Weaning
    • In this video I discuss how to know when it is time to wean your baby from night feeds, as well as share some tips to make the transition smooth for everyone.
  7. Sleep Space Transitions
    • Are you bedsharing and looking for tips on how to support your child’s needs while transitioning them to a new space? Are you looking to move your child out of the family bedroom and into their own sleep space? Or, are you interested in learning more on how to transition to a toddler bed, or support a preschooler who is coming into your room at night? These topics and more are covered in Sleep Space Transitions.
  8. Time Change: Travel & Daylight Savings
    • Going on a family vacation but concerned about how to get the best sleep possible from your baby or toddler? This video addresses how to adjust to different time zones, and how to maximize sleep while away from home. I also discuss daylight savings time and provide sample schedules to help you adjust whether the clocks are springing forward, or falling back.
  9. Parental Mental Health
    • One of the most overlooked subjects in the first year of life, parental mental health is just as important as the health and wellbeing of your new baby. I share my personal journey as well as resources to support you and your loved ones.
  10. Sleep Solutions to Reclaim Your Energy
    • Join Cayla Solomon and Allegra Gast (RDN, IBCLC) from Aloha Nutrition as we discuss postpartum energy, nutrition, and sleep for both parents and babies. Packed with nearly 2 hours of invaluable content PLUS a helpful handout with additional information. This BONUS module is valued at $35CAD.
  11. Sleeping Solo: Solutions to Transform Contact to Independent Sleep
    • Join Cayla Solomon and Stephanie de Graaf from Oka Baby as we discuss everything you need to know about getting your baby out of arms and into a more independent sleep space. Packed with over 2 hours of invaluable content PLUS a helpful handout with additional information. This BONUS module is valued at $37CAD.