Join the #fillyourcupmovement

On a daily basis, I speak with my clients about the importance of self care, and of setting aside time to do things for their mental and physical health. 

The truth is, it’s hard to do. There are so many people and things competing for our time and attention that taking a pause often gets pushed until the proverbial tomorrow.

But, challenging as it is to make self care a priority, it is essential to everything we do on a daily basis; to our success personally and professionally; and to our most important role – that of being a parent. Especially in the stressful and uncertain times presented by the COVID pandemic, it’s even more critical to fill our ‘self care cups’ so that we can better handle the stress that life throws our way. 

For me, my self-care regimen is centred around my need for physical movement.

Beginning Wednesday January 13, I’m am launching the Fill Your Cup Movement. And, I am inviting – and challenging – my clients, and all of you to join me.

Each Wednesday, I will share a story about what I’m doing to care for myself on Instagram. You can join me on Peleton (my username is caylasolomon), or you can pick an activity that fits your self care needs – be it physical movement, a zoom date with friends, a relaxing bath or shower, or some uninterrupted alone time. The goal is to find a way to begin to refill your cup, so that you can parent from a place of replenishment instead of depletion.

Between now and February 10, everyone that participates and shares a photo or a video on Instagram showcasing what you are doing to fill your cup will be entered into a draw to win a mini consultation with me. Be sure to tag @officialsleepingbeauties and use the hashtag #fillyourcupmovement to be entered. 

Join the #fillyourcupmovement below.