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A mother of three young children, I understand first-hand the challenges that sleep can often present for kids and their parents. When our first child was born, my husband and I felt an incredible pressure to sleep train.

We soon discovered that it was not the right approach for us as parents, or for our child’s temperament. We spent a great deal of time researching what other options existed that would allow us to support our child, while still getting the sleep we all needed. When we found an attachment focused approach, we knew that it was right for us, and I felt passionate about sharing this with other parents. I began a career in sleep and parenting support so that other like-minded parents would not feel the same pressure we endured to sleep train.

Parents should not have to choose between a cry it out, or a wait it out approach. There is a middle ground, and I am here to help.

As a certified Baby-Led Sleep and Well-Being Specialist, I have an in-depth knowledge of the science behind paediatric sleep. Using developmental psychology to guide my approach, I am skilled at helping families strengthen the familial relationship while educating parents on how to get the best sleep possible without sleep training.

I am also a certified parent educator, and offer group support and one-on-one coaching to families looking to develop their skills as responsive caregivers.

In addition, I hold a certification in Breastfeeding Support and Education from Doula Canada and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Western University.

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From Our Happy Clients

Cayla is a professional, super positive, nice and understanding sleep coach. I had a sleep consultation with her and she gave me such amazing information, tips, and advice on how I can get my baby to sleep better. She took every detail I provided to her about my baby into consideration. I highly recommend her services!
Jane N.
Cayla was an incredible sleep resource for our family. She gave us the tools we needed to make change and most importantly gave us the confidence to trust our instincts as parents. We learnt a lot about not only sleep but setting healthy boundaries and supporting our toddlers strong emotions. This has made us better parents and the extra bonus, more sleep for everyone! Highly recommend!
It was a pleasure working with Cayla. After a thorough review of my history, she was able to provide me with so many customized, gentle, and supportive tips to help set my little one up as an amazing sleeper! I am really thankful I reached out and cant wait for my daughter and I to get some good nights rest. I highly recommend Cayla if you are looking for an alternative to some of the more 'traditional' sleep training methods.